Looking for datacenter Personnel?

DC People is an independent deployment agency specialized in temporary contracting of datacenter personnel. We started DC People because the demand for qualified personnel kept growing at our parent company’s ICTroom and Workrate, but we couldn’t get enough qualified personnel.

DC People’s mission is to alleviate the pain of our customers by employing (temporary) highly qualified personnel for short- or longer periods. We also offer the possibility for our experts to work in shifts should this be required.

We offer a full satisfaction guaranty on the initial working-in period. Our professionals are all experts in their field and familiar with the standard protocols, processes, rules and the necessary technology demanded at datacenters. Therefore the initial working-in period is limited and you are able to make immediately use of the expertise our professionals have mastered. This is our warranty; we will take care of the cost should the initial working-in period be longer than agreed.

Goog alignment of the job position is key for us as the devil is in the detail at the beginning of the project and not at the end.

DC People offers three possibilities for employment.

DC People currently has the following candidates available.